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🎉 Exciting Times Ahead: Introducing Theia Version 1.0.19 - Taking Personal Growth Even Higher! 🚀

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

We've listened, learned, and leveled up! Introducing Version 1.0.12, which brings a spectrum of refinements and thrilling new features that makes Theia even more attuned to your personal growth aspirations. 🌠

🔍 Here's a sneak peek into Version 1.0.12:

🍏 Added Sign in with Apple - Convenience at its best.

📓 Fixed Gratitude Screen Issue - For your daily dose of positivity.

📱 Optimized for All Screen Sizes - Seamless experience across devices.

🤖 Fixed Android Crashing Bugs - Unwavering performance for our Android fam.

🗑️ Optimized Delete Function for Android - Efficient and streamlined.

🧠 Modified AI Algorithm - Smarter, better, and more aligned.

💭 Added Feedback Screen - Because your voice matters.

🎈 Updated Onboarding & Profile Onboarding Screens - Making the first impressions last.

📊 Updated Stats Page - Track your growth, the refined way.

📝 Added Daily To-Do Feature - Organize. Achieve. Repeat.

⚙️ Optimized Backend Solutions - Faster and more robust.

🔔 Added Regional Timed Notifications - Stay updated, regionally.

💃 Spiced Up with Animations - Making Theia lively and fun.

🗣️ Reworked Chat & Meditation Screens - Enhancing core experiences.

🌐 Added In-app Web View - Browse without ever leaving Theia.

🔒 Updated Privacy Policy & Modified Delete Functionality - Your privacy and control, uncompromised.

🆔 Fixed UserID Not Populating - No more identity crises.

✍️ Reworked Signup Screen - Joining Theia is now a breeze.

☁️ Unified Backend Services into One Cloud Service - Streamlining our tech core.

💬 Fixed Chat Not Restarting - Continuous conversations, unhindered.

🧹 App Cleanup - Leaner, meaner, and faster.

📅 Fixed Habits Overflow Issue - Your daily rituals, uncluttered.

The journey towards ultimate personal growth doesn't stop here. Our eyes are set on the horizon, with continuous improvements and groundbreaking additions in the pipeline. Dive into Theia's Version 1.0.12, and gear up for what's next. 🌌

Cheers to growth, tech, and the community that propels us forward! With sincere thanks, Matt

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